When Banking Boosts Business

The Business Finance Manager is the financial cockpit for SMEs and indispensable for the business success of your customers. AI-controlled and data-driven, we enable your business customers to have their cash flows and liquidity planning under control at all times and to focus more on their core business.

The multibank-capable financial cockpit for your business customers

Contovista Business Finance Manager

Simple & clear

Your business customers have access to all important financial information – anytime, anywhere. The BFM enables optimised liquidity planning through data analytics & machine-learning-supported information.

BFM Analytics
BFM Widgets

Smart & personal

Important information and suitable recommendations are automatically fed into the BFM at the right time. Relevant content determined by machine learning helps you to intensify customer loyalty and increase cross-selling.

multibanking modul

Helpful & Intuitive

User-friendly on-boarding for integration of third-party bank accounts. Detailed instructions in the BFM assist the user at every step of the process and save cost-intensive customer support.

BFM AddBank

Safe & Precise

The multibanking module enables your business customers to obtain a cross-bank asset overview including cash & liquidity management and offers planning security through precise liquidity forecasts.

Centralized & Essential

Strengthen your position as the main bank with the multibanking module and become the central contact point for liquidity management for your business customers. You will also receive new consulting approaches and insights into all cash flows and external bank data for Bank Analytics.

BFM Dashboard

AI-supported insights and recommendations

Machine learning and intelligent algorithms provide relevant, personalised, cross-bank content for increased liquidity overview and planning.

Central data enrichment

Our enrichment engine is at the heart of the digital banking experience for your business customers. Using AI-supported data refinement, we ensure a 98 percent categorisation rate for all transactions.

More than 25 banks and over 6 million bank customers already place their trust in us.

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