Enrichment Engine

Thanks to machine learning, we are able to interpret and refine your customers’ unstructured transaction data into useful information and insights. In this way, we support your analytics team with customer retention and processing.

Thanks to machine learning, we are able to interpret and refine your customers’ unstructured transaction data into useful information and insights.

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Banking Data Analytics & Enrichment for Sales, Advice and Risk Management

Contovista’s Enrichment Engine is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution. It structures your customers’ payment information, and intelligently enriches it with relevant metadata. You gain insights into almost all areas of your customers’ lives and can place offers and recommendations based on this information with a higher probability of closing a deal. This can also help minimise operational costs.

Utilise the power of transaction data

Schweizer Expertise bei automatisierter Datenanreicherung
Swiss expertise in automated data enrichment

Benefit from our leading categorisation and retailer mapping technology as well as our knowledge of Swiss market specifics to gain beneficial insights into the needs and habits of your customers – including the security of a Swiss data center.

Shared Learning Advisor Board von Contovista
Shared learning and quality improvement

By processing and refining anonymised transaction data from over 26 banks across Switzerland, our partner banks benefit from ongoing quality improvements when it comes to analysing and enriching payment information. Banks reap competitive benefits through our shared learning approach, as well as valuable insights from the market.

EE Advisory Workbench corr2
Understand customers better

Seamless integration into existing client advisor systems (client advisor workbench), automatic categorisation and data enrichment of your client’s payment and transaction data allows for better interpretation. Your customer service and sales become more efficient while sales goals are achieved more quickly.


Transaction data is clearly structured and enriched

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Insights to better understand your customers


Support for your analytics team and sales

Understand your customer
Process automation
Risk assessment

Efficient sales and lead generation

Enriching and interpreting transaction data makes customer behaviour patterns visible. Customer profiles can be created even more easily based on purchasing behaviour, card usage, interests and geoinformation. 

Understand your customer

Actively shape customer relationships

Relationships with third-party banks provide crucial information that can complement and enhance customer profiles. Thanks to data enrichment of assets at third-party banks, periodically recurring payments and sustainable purchasing behaviour, you increase the accuracy of cross-selling with needs-based offers and can benefit from qualified leads both in e-banking and in personal consultations.

Process automation

Approval process in lending

Transaction data provides information about current salary, possible rental income, taxes or existing loans. The intelligent linking of data in the Enrichment Engine simplifies credit checks. This way, approval processes for credit card limits or small loans are easier to automate in a comprehensive manner.

Risk assessment

KYC – better and more efficient

With the help of the Enrichment Engine, you can identify existing alimony payments, relationships with third-party providers (TTP), debt collection, or a client’s tendency to gamble. This all makes the risk assessment both easier and clearer.

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