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From first mover to Market Leader

started in 2013 as a Fintech pioneer, we are now the Swiss market leader for data-driven banking. Our white label software, data & analytics solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing banking systems. Through our partner banks, we now reach more than 5 million customers. Our team of experts is constantly growing and currently unites twelve nations and eleven languages.

We personalise banking

digital and personal are no contradiction for us. With our digital solutions, we make banking even more personal and thus better for banks and their customers. We enable banks to use their existing data effectively and profitably. Our software not only enriches data, but is also self-learning thanks to artificial intelligence.

We make banking relevant

APIs are our key and artificial intelligence our fuel. At Contovista, we use these new technologies to turn bank data into meaningful profitable applications. This not only makes banking simpler and more intuitive, it also makes it much more relevant in people’s everyday lives.


Olivier Brin

Unit Head Contovista More about Olivier Brin
Olivier strives for operational excellence, ensures that we deliver value in an efficient way and cares about the way we foster our innovation culture. Prior to Contovista, he worked as a developer, consultant and led international project teams for the Swiss IT service provider ELCA for more than 10 years. Olivier holds an engineering diploma in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences HES-SO and a management degree from the ETH Zurich (MAS MTEC).

Faheem Ullah

Head of Technology More about Faheem Ullah
Faheem has a passion for acquiring knowledge and crafting new things. He has experience in the Fintech industry where he designed and implemented solutions based on microservices architecture from the ground up. Faheem has a solid footing in computer science with a PhD in Computer Systems from ETH Zürich and a masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of York.

Claudia Dietschi

Head of Business Development and Sales More about Claudia Dietschi
Claudia is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals and loves to jointly design creative solutions to their business pains. Before joining Contovista, Claudia led the Global Customer Success function at Appway, and built international teams for Lithium Technologies/Khoros and Google. Claudia is bringing in 15+ years of experience in growing B2B software companies to further scale Contovista and delight our customers through data-driven banking. Claudia holds a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Vienna and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Open University, UK.

Eliane Albisser

Head of Product More about Eliane Albisser
Eliane manages projects at Contovista and ensures an easy implementation of Contovista's data driven solutions. Before joining Contovista, Eliane worked as a product and project manager for a bank. She was responsible for card and payment products and managed digitisation projects in this area. Eliane holds an MSc in Applied Information and Data Science as well as a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus on Controlling and Accounting.

Michael Fuchs

Head of Development Finnova Analytical Framework (FAF) More about Michael Fuchs
Michael ist eine leidenschaftliche Führungspersönlichkeit mit grosser Erfahrung im IT Management, der Software- und Produktentwicklung innerhalb der Finanzindustrie. Als Bankkaufmann arbeitete er über ein Jahrzehnt in einer Grossbank und bringt Erfahrungen aus dem direkt Kundenkontakt im Private Banking mit. Des Weiteren hält er einen CIIA und absolvierte den exekutive MBA in Digital Transformation.
Martc Nalepa HR Business Partner

Marc Nalepa

HR Business Partner More about Marc Nalepa
As HR Business Partner, Marc looks after the Development Department at Finnova and the Contovista team. He is passionate about working closely with employees and recruiting the best profiles in the market. Marc has many years of experience as a Headhunter in the IT and pharmaceutical industry and has recruited for several Swiss banks profiles with different levels of seniority. At Contovista, he is combining his IT and banking experience.

Jurij Albert

Senior Software Engineer More about Jurij Albert
Jurij is passionate about software development and how it can be made more efficient. Before coming to Contovista he implemented interfaces and applications in the credit card field for several years. In his free time he enjoys doing sports and reading. He has a Computer Science degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt.

Martin Biehler

Senior Data Scientist More about Martin Biehler
Martin started his scientific career in Neuroscience. He has experience in the energy sector where he analyzed patterns in power consumption of electrical devices. After some years in the travel industry he moved on to the financial sector where he worked several years for a big Swiss retail bank. Martin is especially passionate about geo-computing and deep-learning. Martin did his PhD in the Statistics Unit of the psychology department of University of Münster.
Mrudula Chunduri

Mrudula Chunduri

Senior Software Engineer More about Mrudula Chunduri
Mrudula is a software developer with a lot of experience developing applications for web and mobile using different front-end technologies. She has done her bachelors in computer science at the KLC University in India. She likes to solve problems and believes that most of them have a simple solution. She is passionate about coding and trying out new technologies as well as finding simple yet scalable solutions.

Ilario Giordanelli

Senior AI Product Owner / Data Scientist More about Ilario Giordanelli
Ilario is a highly analytical thinker with a passion for technology. Before joining Contovista he worked as an IT-Consultant for the banking industry, where he developed a profound knowledge of Avaloq Banking Suite. During this time, he had the opportunity to work on rebalancing algorithms for portfolios and on interfaces to connect Avaloq to third party products. Apart from that he acquired expertise in blockchain technology, where he studied the possible use of this upcoming technology in the banking sector. Ilario completed his doctorate in computational statistical physics at ETH Zürich where he developed algorithms to perform simulations of graphene and studied the results using statistical tools. Before he studied Physics at ETH Zürich.

Nandor Gyerman

Senior Software Engineer More about Nandor Gyerman
Nandor enjoys solving business problems through software development, and all the various forms of communication it entails. He comes from a consulting background and holds a BSc in Business Informatics. On sunny days, he takes long walks in nature, where he can think and write about stuff like corporate culture, personal identity and self-actualisation.

Aymeric Steinitz

Data Analyst More about Aymeric Steinitz
As a data analyst, Aymeric is enabling people to be “data-informed”, supporting their decision making process with insightful analyses. Aymeric has a Master in Finance and worked several years at a global bank. He believes that “data-driven” banking is critical for the digitalisation of financial services and started a journey as a Data Science consultant that he is now continuing as a Data Analyst at Contovista.

Zora Raschèr

Project Manager More about Zora Raschèr
Zora works as a Data Calibration Specialist at Contovista. She studies Banking & Finance at the University of Zurich. Her part-time employment at Contovista gives her the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while studying.

Mihai Roman

Software Engineer More about Mihai Roman
Mihai puts high value on continuous self-improvement and growth as a software developer. He believes in the importance of mastering the art of clean and scalable code. Before joining Contovista, he has worked on outsourced projects for several well-known German and Swiss organisations. Mihai holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.
Niklaus Zbinden

Niklaus Zbinden

Software Engineer More about Niklaus Zbinden
Niklaus has one great passion – programming. He completed his education as an Application Developer and has since then worked on different parts of the Software Stack. In his free time he likes to work on open source projects and just in time compilers. Before joining Contovista he was the lead developer for an online lending platform.
Łukasz Żarczyński

Łukasz Żarczyński

Senior Software Engineer More about Łukasz Żarczyński
Łukasz is one of our Software Developers. Before joining Contovista he was engineering custom applications for various branches. His biggest drive is finding a technology that will allow him to implement simple and flexible solution. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Wrocław, Poland.

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