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« I can find every Payment instantly, regardless of when and where it has taken place »
Hani Nahvi - Business Woman

Personal Finance Management for Banks

At Contovista everything is about making banking a delightful experience. To live up to that claim we offer innovative client facing products that can be easily integrated into existing banking solutions. To see Contovista in action request a demo! If you like what you see a Proof of Concept with your bank can be set up within a few weeks.


Innovative Products for Banks

Contovista's Analytics Engine translates unstructured financial data into structured data, enriched with meta-information. This structured data forms the basis for our products in Personal Finance Management, Business Analytics and Marketing. It can also be leveraged to build powerful custom applications.

Smart Account Statements

Our software adds semantics to any account statement by automatically categorizing transactions. Each transaction can also be enriched with custom tags, comments or documents. An intelligent search makes it easy to find all that data again.

Personal Finance Management (PFM)

Advanced account statement visualizations make it easy for online-banking customers to understand the dynamics of the account. By aggregating transactions by category, tag, or any other available dimension, customers can now analyze their spending habits easily and in real-time.


Integration Support and Operations

With just a few lines of code, Contovista's solutions can be integrated into almost any existing frontend, resulting in fast innovation with short time-to-market.

We support you with the integration of this new solution.

Easy Integration

Support of Contovista experts

Outsourcing of categorisation

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