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26.02.2024 5 min read

Winterrelease 2024

The integrated map view for transaction details!

The integrated map view for transaction details!

Our Latest Release Brings Map View to Your Banking Platform

The most exciting new feature in our next update for Personal Finance Manager (PFM) and Business Finance Manager (BFM) tools? It has to be the integrated map view for transaction details!

The new map view now shows your customers the location of their physical purchases on a map, making it even easier for them to keep track of their spending.

What is so special about this feature?

Benefits of the new map displayThe visual component makes it even simpler for users to allocate their spending to purchases and keep an overview. With just a glance at the map, your customers can see where and when they made a purchase. This not only builds trust in your services; it also enhances the overall user experience.

Did you know? In our Finance Manager solutions, we already comply with the revised requirements of Mastercard (Mastercard Mandate 4569) by automatically enriching transactions with additional merchant information (e.g. merchant name, logo, category, and merchant location).

Benefits of the new map display

  • Greater insight into transactions
    The map view makes it easier for yoTheme-Datei-Editorur customers to track and understand their spending. Financial empowerment for everyone!
  • Fewer customer service requests
    Your customers can check transaction details themselves, helping to reduce the workload on your customer service and cut costs in the long term.
  • Strengthen trust
    The geographical display of transactions provides bank customers with a high sense of security, while the comprehensive banking experience fosters trust in your platform.
  • Address a broader user base
    This feature demonstrates that you are at the forefront of innovation and makes your digital banking attractive to less tech-savvy users, including those who are not digital natives.

Intelligent tax deductions now available for the mobile app

With our intelligent tax feature in PFM, bank customers can now see tax-deductible transactions directly in their banking app – representing another smart way of leveraging tax benefits and strengthening loyalty to your bank.

Faster calibration process for the Enrichment Engine.

Automatic creation of merchants and categories, a 98% hit rate for transaction data, and full compliance with Mastercard, all of which can be flexibly selected via SaaS or on-premise. Learn more about the Enrichment Engine.