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Personalisation in banking through AI


Latest study: View on customer data in Swiss retail banks

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As a pioneer for data-driven banking in the Swiss financial industry, we offer data analytics and white label finance management solutions. Our services help banks make better use of data to significantly improve customer experience, advice and business success.

Intelligent Banking

Your customers expect intelligent digital banking

To meet your customers’ expectations of an optimal digital customer experience, you need smart, personalized solutions.

Banking AI

Tomorrow’s banking requires AI and data intelligence

Machine learning and data analytics enhance the digital banking front end with personalized touchpoints, support sales management with intelligent cross-selling strategies and optimize customer consulting with offers tailored to the customer’s needs.

Time to Market

Short time-to-market makes the difference

The most successful banks rely on a state-of-the-art technology stack and use concentrated Fintech innovation power to inspire their customers.

Measurable results of data-driven banking


increase in the conversion rate
of credit card sales


increase in conversion
of a personal loan campaign


higher average investment amount in stocks and other securities

Tailor-made solutions for digital banking experiences

Personal Finance Manager

The Personal Finance Manager is the indispensable financial assistant for your customers. AI-controlled, data-driven and therefore relevant, intuitive and personal.

Business Finance Manager

The Business Finance Manager is the financial cockpit for SMEs and indispensable for the business success of your customers. AI-controlled and data-driven, we enable your business customers to have their cash flows and liquidity planning under control at all times and to focus more on their core business.

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What our customers say about us

Sabine Kuhlin - Schwyzer KantonalbankThomas Etter - Raiffeisen CHStefan Gratzfeld - Sparkasse CelleRemo Schmidli - Zürcher KantonalbankFabian Marti - Aargauische Kantonalbank
«Contovista is an ideal partner and source of inspiration for the Schwyzer Kantonalbank. With innovative analytical solutions, they enable us to use existing data efficiently and profitably. Contovista also regularly gives us food for thought in an advisory capacity on how we can exploit untapped business potential in the digital world.»

Sabine Kuhlin

Head of Multichannel Management and Digital Banking at SZKB

«Contovista's personal financial assistant expands our digital offering and positively influences the customer experience in e-banking and mobile banking. This gives our customers a 360° view of their finances - anytime, anywhere.»

Thomas Etter

Head of e-Banking at Raiffeisen

«Contovistas analytics platform has really impressed us with outstanding results delivered in a very short time. Especially in the age of artificial intelligence, banks and savings banks need partners like Contovista to stay competitive in the future.»

Stefan Gratzfeld

CEO Sparkasse Celle

«With the SME Financial Assistant, we can offer our business customers a modern and comprehensive expansion in e-banking. This allows customers to create cash flow analyses directly via e-banking. On the basis of these analyses, we can offer companies tailor-made products as a bank. Together with the company, we find the right solutions for optimal and sustainable financial management.»

Remo Schmidli

Head of Logistics and Member of the Executive Board at Zürcher Kantonalbank

«Digitization covers all areas of a company and is becoming increasingly important in the financial sector. With Contovista's financial assistants, we therefore offer our private and business customers modern extensions to the AKB portal. The services were immediately received positively by our customers and make digital banking even more personal.»

Fabian Marti

Head of Digital Solutions at AKB

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