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02.08.2023 6 min read

Summer Release 2023

The latest features presented

The latest features presented

Sommerrelease 2023 Contovista

Our new Features: Summer Release 2023

At Contovista, everything revolves around making the financial lives of bank customers even easier while also helping banks to remain sustainable. In the last months, we have once again developed helpful features that offer you and your customers tangible added value.

PFM: Intelligent Tax Deductions for Digital Banking

We know that tax issues often pose challenges for bank customers, which is why we’ve developed Tax Advisor, an intelligent tax deduction tool that automatically identifies your customers’ deductible expenses. In addition, customers can enter information about their living situation via a questionnaire to receive even more precise suggestions for tax-deductible expenses. Whether it’s donations, job-related expenses for education and training, or medical expenses, our PFM keeps track of it all.

Your customers can decide for themselves which transactions should be marked as tax-deductible and thereby have all the relevant information for their tax return at their fingertips. This saves both time and effort on their part.

Sommerrelease 2923: Intelligente Steuerabzüge PFM

Image: Intelligent Tax Deductions – deductible expenses automatically identified.

New Mobile Components for PFM

These features are primarily aimed at banks that adopt a mobile-first strategy or for whom an optimised mobile experience is a priority. As a bank, we now offer you even more flexibility when it comes to usage.

This summer we focused on the following mobile features:

  • The Carbon Footprint Manager: analysis, comparison, and suggestions.
  • Subscriptions at a glance
  • Budget proposals for MAP4 (Finnova Mobile Application 4)
EE Advisory Workbench corr2

Image: Bild: Finnova Advisor Workbench

Enrichment Engine Now Available with REST API for Advisor Tools

With the 2023.07 release, we are introducing an interface that enables customer insights to be displayed directly in third-party customer advisor tools. With the launch of the REST API, connection to the Finnova Advisor Workbench will also be possible from summer 2023.

The interface is designed to support relationship managers by giving them a comprehensive financial overview of their retail customers. Information about their spending preferences, special events, and transfers to third-party banks are easily accessible. To this end, the REST API extracts enriched data from the Enrichment Engine database and visualises it via REST API endpoints. This enables much more efficient preparation of advisor meetings and helps to identify potential for cross-selling and upselling.

Sommerrelease 2023 Jahresbudgets

PFM: Annual Budgets Optimised and Brought Back Again

Based on your feedback, we have revised the budgets and brought back the annual budgets, as well as simplified the merchant search.

With improved usability and simple explanations, we want to better support your customers in their financial planning and increase their engagement.