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28.07.2022 4 min read

Deedster and Contovista

Premium Data Quality for Next Generation CO₂ Tracking

For almost 10 years, Contovista has specialised in the enrichment of transaction data with the aim of ensuring banks remain relevant and provide their customers with the best possible advice, support and help to achieve their goals more quickly.

Deedster is a Scandinavian sustainability pioneer and develops technical solutions that support users on their journey towards consistent climate protection in their day-to-day lives. They rely on more than 90 data sources and methods to generate a detailed and personalised carbon footprint.

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Partnership Since Early Summer 2022

The two companies have been partners since early summer 2022. The product is the Carbon Footprint Manager for PFM, which is based on transaction-based Swiss CO₂ data and enables the calculation of carbon footprints in real time. It makes sustainability fun thanks to gamification and quizzes.

By taking responsibility here and positioning themselves early on when it comes to sustainability, banks will once again become relevant for their customers.

More Relevant Banking and Greater Engagement

How did both experts come together and how do banks and their customers reap the benefits? Claudia, Head of Sales and Customer Success at Contovista, and Daniel, CTO at Deedster, answer these and other questions in the video.

The most exciting questions and insights:

💡 Premium data quality is the perfect basis for meaningful, sustainable components in banking. With the Carbon Footprint Manager in e-banking, banks succeed in creating a strong incentive to bring a wide range of environmentally conscious users onto their platform.

💡 Why we insist on Swiss data for the transaction-based calculation of your carbon footprint.

💡 What banks gain with CO₂ tracking, how they boost user engagement and create a powerful new touchpoint.

💡 Why high-quality data makes Contovista and Deedster’s CO₂ tracking so special and what else the solution offers beyond calculating an individual’s CO₂ footprint.

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A Detailed Look at the Carbon Footprint Manager

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