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15.08.2022 7 min read

Summer Releases 2022

Summer, sun and new developments. At Contovista, there is a lot going on in this warm period. In the summer of 2022, we will be launching a whole range of innovations – centred around data-driven banking, personalisation and customer experience.

Of particular excitement this year is the new CO2 tracking option, product recommendations on the topic of retirement planning, and the new release of our Enrichment Engine.

A Sustainable Service for Bank Customers: Transaction-Based CO2 Tracking

The joy of summer temperatures is currently being dampened by the effects of climate change. This is also a concern for bank customers. With our summer release, we are now providing customers with an effective tool which they can use to shape their consumption behaviour in a more sustainable manner as part of the Personal Finance Manager (PFM).

For the first time, they can optimise their transaction-based carbon footprint by analysing their banking account data. To put it even more concretely, this means:

  • We provide a monthly and annual assessment of their carbon footprint over time, based on high-quality Swiss data.
  • Customers can check their personal consumption and compare it with the Swiss average.
  • Their carbon footprint can be analysed across individual categories (food, car/transport etc.).
  • Individual transactions in the categories can also be analysed in detail.
  • “Take Action” options empower customers to take effective action to combat climate change. They can create budgets and set savings targets, while banks benefit from the potential to cross-sell green products.

You can find more information about the Carbon Footprint Manager in the interview with our partner Deedster.

Personalised Advice in the PFM: Product Recommendations for Pensions (Pillar 3a)

Thanks to automated data analysis of account information, individually tailored product recommendations for retirement planning can now be imported directly into the PFM (Personal Finance Manager). We use personalised storytelling to help users understand the value of the product, tailored to their current financial situation.

We show business-relevant events to banks based on user interactions that provide insights into the behaviour and needs of their customers.

We coach users in three steps:

  1. A personalised scenario explains to users the benefits of the product with regard to their financial situation after retirement.
  2. We then make the product accessible to users by calculating a monthly savings rate that can be included Pillar 3a.
  3. To ensure users don’t feel overwhelmed by the information, we provide further details on certain topics via links to the bank’s website.

Bank customers can simply order the new product via the bank’s website.

Now Even More Powerful: The Enrichment Engine

The latest release of our Enrichment Engine is available! The highlight? The accuracy of the enrichment and evaluation of the various transaction data has been increased even further.

There are also many other improvements:

  • More precise categorisation
  • Optimised recognition of periodic transactions
  • Accurate recognition of merchants
  • Enhanced data quality for product recommendations, cross- and up-selling
  • Recognising and allocating “carry over” transactions (funds are transferred to another bank)
  • Relevant information such as new employer, etc. is displayed


In addition, the product’s usability and design have been further improved, as well as texts and translations. The release also includes a number of bug fixes.

Fully Functional Multibanking in the BFM with bLink

Another important innovation at Contovista is that multibanking with bLink is now fully integrated into the Business Finance Manager. bLink enables high-performance Open Banking with just a few clicks, while the participants form the necessary ecosystem.

In order for multibanking to be a forward-looking, profitable success story, there was just one crucial ingredient missing: the integration of next-gen features that enable customers and banks to reap the further benefits of Open Banking. Contovista’s multibanking module is based on the BFM (Business Finance Manager), which provides exactly these features.

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